Only 2% of one barangay in Iloilo town willing to get COVID-19 vaccine jab

Published March 2, 2021, 2:09 PM

by Tara Yap

ILOILO CITY – A village in an Iloilo town is showing a lot of hesitation in being inoculated by the COVID-19 vaccine.

Igbaras town Mayor Jaime Esmeralda revealed that only three out of about 140 people or about two percent in one of their barangays are willing to be vaccinated.

(Photo by Owen Humphreys / POOL / AFP)

“There’s an element of fear among them because of news and other information that has reached them. Particularly, they fear the adverse side effects of the vaccine,” Esmeralda told Manila Bulletin.

The mayor disclosed that both young and old in the village of Pinaopawan are hesitant during a recent dialogue.

“We wanted to get the people’s pulse and that’s what we found,” Esmeralda noted.

To reverse the situation and encourage more to avail the free vaccination against COVID-19, the local government of Igbaras has formed a task force that will focus on intensified information campaign.

Esmeralda, who is a medical doctor by profession, emphasized the need for the people to get proper and reliable information from those who are in the medical profession including nurses and not from unreliable sources.

“We might have to do a house-to-house campaign and explain the scientific basis of vaccines,” Esmeralda added.