‘Napipika na ako’: Duterte asks for forgiveness for profanity-laced rant

Published March 2, 2021, 9:20 AM

by Raymund Antonio

President Duterte has apologized to the public for the profanity-laced rant that made up much of his address to the nation on Monday night


“Sa mga kababayan ko, pagpatawarin na ninyo ako sa mga mura ko at iyong mga pa-slide ko sa mga kapwa ko tao, kapwa ko sa gobyerno. Kasi minsan napipika na ako na ginagawa mo na ang lahat, mayroon pang masabi na hindi naman totoo (To my countrymen, forgive me for cursing against my fellowmen, my fellow workers in the government. Sometimes, I get to too annoyed that you are doing everything, but they can still say something that isn’t true),” he said during his weekly address. 

Duterte explained how his critics are making it appear that the government isn’t following “due process.”

“Ilang proseso ba pala dadaan? (How many process should it go through?) I have told the government ito ngayon (right now) to simplify matters, and if need be, go to Congress and ask for a revised law or regulation limiting the number of offices where the documents or papers must pass through,” he said. 

Documentation and red tape have always been a problem with the Philippines, the President said, because it delays the passing of important policies and legislation. 

Everything has to pass through a certain official or office, who will then ask for a kickback, the Chief Executive added. 

“Kaya the long road to China, ika nga, that’s an idiom, walang nangyayari (That’s why the long road to China, as they say, that’s an idiom, nothing happens).”

Addressing the people in government, Duterte reminded them that he only has less than a year in office but he would dismiss those proven of corrupt accusations.

“But ‘pag nagkamali kayo maski kaunti ngayon, iwasan ninyo magkamali (But if you made a mistake even a little, you should avoid making mistakes). If you value your work, if you want to stay in government, iwasan ninyo (avoid it),” he said.