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Published March 2, 2021, 12:19 AM

by John Tria


John Tria
John Tria

Tempus Fugit! As we now enter the third month of the year we take stock of the last two months and the various developments, and insights drawn from them.

Spiritual advice for entrepreneurs

I am sure many of you keep wondering why I suddenly start writing in spiritual terms. The answer is simple: a strong spirit makes a tough entrepreneur.

As a Catholic I have been, in the last six months, reviewing my catechism and Church teaching, apart from engaging a deeper interior life through prayer and scriptural reflection.

As an entrepreneur, I have also accepted that enterprise is a gift we are meant to shepherd as leaders.

This is all the more so when we see many new challenges and opportunities in the new normal. There is of course the eased restrictions with the recent IATF announcement on travel requirements and the entry into MGCQ of some additional areas like Tagum City, for example, a major commercial hub in the Davao region.

There is also heightened competition online, and its ability to tap new markets and foreign customers you met an online conference or business matching session – the prospect of exporting looks good.

There is the challenge of employees working remotely or from home, engaging work procedures and systems to ensure workplace safety by enforcing workplace protocols against infection, and encouraging staff to adopt a healthier lifestyle to boost productivity.

Likewise, there is the reality of engaging greater efficiencies by leveraging on new technologies and processes.  There is the need to sustain positive cash flows while managing expenses.

Added to that is preparing for more disruptions including disaster risk reduction for our companies.

When we look at all of these, we may feel overwhelmed, or even anxious This makes the tough entrepreneur a leader, one who shepherd his organization or company to navigate these challenging new normals.

Stronger research and development and more manufacturing through CREATE

With new incentives and lower taxes under the CREATE measure, I am hopeful that more manufacturing investments, particularly high technology, energy efficient, environment friendly and safe manufacturing can be established especially near raw material sources in Mindanao. I can imagine the coconut and the minerals sector getting a boost with more job generating manufacturing investments.  His adds value to production and creates jobs, a hope for those wishing to relocate to the provinces from urban centers like Metro Manila.

It is time for many manufacturing companies, especially those making local products such as snack foods, construction materials, detergents and household items take a look at the various investments sites and economic zones in Mindanao.

A Mindanao presence fortifies their position in the Visayas and Mindanao markets, enabling  them to transport products more efficiently and brings them closer to new markets as the Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Philippines growth areas located about an overnight ship away from the ports of Davao, General Santos, Polloc and Zamboanga.

Corporate developments

The planned March 8 commercial launch of DITO communications offering their services is awaited by many in Mindanao. Coca Cola adds a new manufacturing line in its Davao plant. As we tread the recovery path, a number of companies are either innovating or expanding.

Watch this space for many more business and corporate developments from Mindanao.


Araw ng Davao, or the foundation day of Mindanao’s largest city, is an eagerly anticipated event. This year, the online celebration has a host of events that allow more people to celebrate and participate from our homes, wherever we are in the world.

Continue to stay safe and follow health and safety protocols!