Foo Fighters’ ‘Medicine At Midnight’ recorded on haunted house

Published March 2, 2021, 7:33 AM

by Punch Liwanag

Did the Foo Fighters record their latest album inside a haunted house?

“Medicine At Midnight” the new album recently released by The Foo Fighters was apparently recorded in a spooky house in Los Angeles, according to the latest issue of Guitar World magazine.

According to the April issue of Guitar World, in which Dave Grohl was the cover and had a full-length feature about the band’s new album, the house in question had a “vibe.”

The Foo Fighters are usually recorded in Dave Grohl’s own studio called 606. But for “Medicine At Midnight,” the band “took up residence in a 1940’s-era home in Encino California not far from where Dave Grohl lived.”

Guitar World cover April 2021

“This place looks kind of like an old mansion, with these big iron gates out front. It sounds beautiful. But really, it’s a dilapidated, rundown, spooky old house on the middle of Encino,” said Grohl.

“The house itself had a fair amount of activity happening,” said the article. And this was supported by Grohl. “I started demoing things there by myself around June of 2019, and it felt creepy,” Grohl said. “But I thought, well, you can creep yourself out if you’re alone in an old house at night recording rock songs. But then as we moved in, weird little things would happen here and there. Whether it was guitars being detuned, settings moving on the board or sh*t happening in the Pro Tools session that wasn’t supposed to happen,” the singer shared.

And Grohl’s bandmates concurred. Guitarist Chris Shiflett said, “it was a bit of an oddball house. It has that look that’s sort of like it’s being reclaimed by the mountainside, and everything’s cracked and the pool is nasty and there’s vines everywhere. It had a vibe.”

Guitarist Pat Smear who went on the interview to say that he “doesn’t believe in magic and that kind of stuff,” also admitted that “there was a lot of odd and creepy goings-on happening,” on said house.

“Beyond that, there was this feeling that you were either being followed or being watched all the time,” added Grohl. Also in the interview, Grohl went on to share that several members of the band felt something but “they don’t tell each other, and then everyone starts confessing.” “Oh, this room in the house? Or that stairway? That’s (expletive) up! When it all starts coming out you’re just like, Oh my God,” Grohl exclaimed.

“So we recorded nine songs and got the f*** outta there,” Grohl said.

The Guitar World interview also detailed the equipment—mainly focusing on the guitars and amps–used by the Foo Fighters on their tenth album.