National Museums in Manila to reopen on March 2, 2021

Here are the things you need to know before visiting

Photo from the National Museum of the Philippines Facebook

After almost a year of closing its doors, the National Museum of the Philippines is welcoming Filipinos back again as it reopens on March 2, 2021. 

Art and history enthusiasts will again be able to marvel at the Tree of Life centerpiece at the National Museum of Natural History, see the makeovers done at the National Museum of Fine Arts, and check out ancient treasures and artifacts at the National Museum of Anthropology—following, of course, the safety guidelines mandated by the government.

“Based on recent considerations with authorities regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and to ensure the health and safety of the visiting public as well as of the museum personnel, the visitor guidelines given below will be adopted immediately and come into effect starting March 2 ,2021,” the NMP says in a statement. “These guidelines shall be subject to amendment should circumstances regarding the pandemic, change, or otherwise as the need arise.”

Here are things you need to know before visiting any of the National Museums.

What time and days are the museums open? 

Just like in the pre-pandemic time, the museums are open Tuesdays to Sundays, excluding religious holidays. There will be two visiting sessions, morning (from 9 a.m. to 12 noon) and afternoon (from 1 p.m to 4 p.m.) sessions. There will be also cut off times for visitor arrival, 11 a.m. for the morning session and 3 p.m. for the afternoon session. 

Who can visit?

As reported in a previous Manila Bulletin story, an age limit on visitors will be implemented when the NMP reopen. The only people allowed to enter the museums are people aged 15 to 65 years old, including persons with disabilities (PWDs). Visitors also need to present an ID showing their date of birth to validate their entry. 

What to do before visiting?

Just like in every establishment, digitalization plays a vital role in keeping the museums' operation running smoothly. Visitors must pre-book their visit online at, at least a day prior to their planned visit. They will also receive a confirmation about their booking to be sent on their email.

Group reservations are limited to a maximum of five persons and walk-in visitors will not be admitted. It is important to set your visitation ahead of time as only 100 visitors are allowed inside each museum.

Safety measures inside the museums

Before entering the museums, visitors must:

  • Undergo a temperature check. A visitor with a temperature of 37.5 and higher will not be allowed inside. 
  • Accomplish a health declaration form, which is part of the reservation process.
  • Wear face masks and face shield at all times while inside the museum.
  • Observe social distancing of at least two meters.

Visitors are also allowed to bring their own sanitation kit but they can expect to see hand sanitizers throughout the premises and handwashing facilities inside comfort rooms. Elevator use is only for senior citizens and PWDs.

According to the NMP, the following are not permitted inside the museum buildings:

  • Art materials (including ink pens) other than pencils
  • Bags larger than 33 x 43 cm.
  • Backpacks, baby backpack carriers, long umbrellas, and other bulky items
  • Plants, flowers, or other organic materials
  • Tripod and video cameras
  • Wrapped packages including gifts
  • Pets.

Lastly, guided tours are not allowed.

Enjoy your visit!