Ian Veneracion thinks Bea Alonzo should not get married

Published February 28, 2021, 8:30 PM

by Neil Patrick Nepomuceno

Ian Veneracion sat down with Bea Alonzo to have a good time while having dinner, talking about love, dating and his personal life in a recent vlog.

After sharing each other’s nuggets of wisdom when it comes to those topics, Bea popped the question, “Do you think I should get married?”

Ian replied, “No, I think you should have a kid.”

After a couple of laughs due to Ian’s ‘Bacon joke’ Bea opened up to Ian: “Dati pangarap ko lang naman na (by) 28 to get married and have children, tapos ngayon lahat ng peers ko, halos lahat sila about to get married or they are already married and they have their kids. I wouldn’t have guessed nung time na yun, 15 years ago, na ako yung huling mababakante. I always thought I was the marrying type.”

Ian supported her by saying, “Yes! You are the marrying type but ako I’d say this with the utmost sincerity and care for you; I really think that a child would improve the quality of your life; a marriage wouldn’t, based on what lang, I know about you and how I know you.”

Bea took Ian’s words like a champ, as she went on to tell Ian how she would love to have “someone to be there to raise a family and build a life there.”

“Sana makahanap ako ng kasing buti ‘mong tatay, pero hindi asawa!” Bea kiddingly said.

Watch the full vlog here: