Zild busy as solo act, Rico Blanco impressed

Published February 26, 2021, 7:07 AM

by Punch Liwanag


The IV of Spades bassist is keeping busy on his own.

Singer-songwriter Zild has just released new music. The song, entitled “Apat,” is his latest as a solo artist. Released on the (25th of February) EDSA Revolution holiday, “Apat” is the follow up to “Kyusi” which was released just last month.

A mid-tempo alt-rock track, “Apat” is said to be a “part of a greater body of work, which will culminate as a full-length album of exciting material,” according to Zild’s management. The singer-bassist is with Rico Blanco’s Balcony Entertainment Label and Management group. The label promises that Zild’s “newer material promises to be a more organic, back-to-basics-sounding collection of songs.” It adds that it will “be exciting for both fans and even musical peers alike.”

Rico Blanco, who has worked with Zild a couple of times as part of IV Of Spades and now as a solo act under his management, is excited for, and impressed at his younger musical ward. “It is an amazing feat that Zild is releasing two albums in less than a year,” the former notes. “Zild is on a whole new level, creatively; these are definitely exciting times for us at Balcony Entertainment, and personally, for me as well, because I can’t help but admire the pace and the path he currently creating for himself. It is very inspiring.”

Now as a solo artist, Zild is opening up, at least on his songs, after admitting that he was reserved about getting too personal before. And the listener can sense that in his lyrics: “tanggap ko na tayong lahat ay magwawatak / may oras ang tampo, luha at pagkagalak.”

“The song is about friendships you formed during your youth that grew apart,” Zild shares. From the outside looking in, that looks to be something related to the band he’s been in that is currently on hiatus, and the break up that it has seen. But then again it could entirely be about something else. “It’s about seizing the moment – staying in present and not worrying about what comes tomorrow.”

“Sonically, it comes from the same place that inspired (previous single) “Kyusi. It’s very organic-sounding, heavy on acoustic, nylon, and baritone guitars. And I really wanted the music to have that nostalgic vibe to match what I was saying.”