Bohol is back in business

Published February 26, 2021, 10:00 AM

by Krizette Laureta-Chu

Until March 14, you can book Bohol for 70 percent off

PHILIPPINE WONDER The Chocolate Hills, one of Bohol’s most famous tourist destination (Photo by Per-Andre Hoffman)

Bohol is my most favorite Philippine destination. Sure, crowd favorite Boracay has the world’s best beaches, unrivaled by any place here or abroad, and Palawan is so beautiful I’ve shed many tears in dramatic reverie, just watching its sublime majesty unfold from the balcony of my private villa (it sounds pretentious but Palawan is just luxe).  

But I’ve made so many memories in Bohol it would be hard to unseat it as my personal top destination—and in the end that is what traveling really is, isn’t it? I don’t remember where I read this, or if I just thought of this—but this is true of travel: Travel is best in two ways—in anticipation, and in recollection. And in the one year I’ve been stuck at home, I’ve realized it is Bohol I long for the most.

Maybe because in my golden orb of memories, Bohol represents a hodgepodge of pure magical days—an early morning boat ride to Virgin island, with dolphins putting up a show—I have never seen so many in my life—gliding, soaring, playfully racing against the boat.

Maybe because the first time I snorkeled off the coast of Balicasag, I saw pawikans the size of cars, in waters so clear I can look down below my feet and see marine life so rich and pure, it almost felt illegal to be there. Or that my stay in Bluewater Panglao resort has always been beautiful, where I get to experience the Boholano trademark of amuma, and heavenly traditional hilot. My first waterfall trek—I am not outdoorsy in any way, shape, or form—was in Can-Umantad Falls. Rockpools, wooden bridges, and a directly vertical climb up the levels of the pool—that rush of feeling alive when you’re on the brink of dying (which is how I felt the entire time I was navigating slippery slopes). Driving through the man-made bamboo forest my heart soared like the song I was listening to in my earphones.

As the selling platform is online, anyone from anywhere in the country can purchase a hotel and a tour voucher that they can use until the end of the year.  

BOHOL MAMON Torta is a soft, moist, pastry of the Central Visayan province

Covid has robbed travelers this divine experience—but more important, and sadly, the pandemic has affected the livelihood of 211,000 Boholanos, with the province suffering from P15 billion loss of revenue—heavily reliant as it is on the tourism sector.

Recently, Bohol’s private stakeholders and the LGU has united to launch the province’s first and biggest online consumer event called Balik sa Bohol Online Sale.  Customers can avail as much as 70 percent discount on accommodations, tours, and dining vouchers available at until March 14, 2021.   

The province of Bohol also announced less stringent measures to attract more visitors. Governor Art Yap has even announced that Bohol is open to the domestic market from all regions, and has even removed aged restrictions so even families can now travel together. Yes, that means both seniors and kids can travel to Bohol now. Under the updated policies, either a repeat RT-PCR or a quarantine is no longer required for tourists staying longer than five days for as long as they stay within their tourist bubble. Panglao LGU also opened a 24-hour Tourist Assistance Center to ensure that LGU is able to assist tourists applying for QR codes, or those needing information on tours Bohol, as well as those with health-related concerns such as an RT-PCR Test or needing documents for health clearance.

The LGU has also rolled out the Ultimate Bohol Experience seal of excellence. The UBE seal is given to properties that has the government’s stamp of approval. As the selling platform is online, anyone from anywhere in the country can purchase a hotel and a tour voucher that they can use until the end of the year.

Requirements for Bohol:

• Negative RT-PCR Test (both the nasal and the saliva tests are now accepted and must be taken 72-hours to date of travel)

• Confirmed hotel reservation in a DOT accredited establishment

• Confirmed itinerary with a DOT accredited tour operator (If availing tours)

• Registration through for individual tourist QR code

• Acceptance letter from the Municipality of Panglao (

MAWUMAG The Philippine tarsier, is an endemic animal found in the southeastern part of the archipelago, particularly on the islands of Bohol, Samar, and Leyte

Attractions open:

• Corella Tarsier Sanctuary

• Loboc River Cruise and Floating Restaurants

• Loboc River Resort

• SUP Stand Up Paddling Eco Adventure Tours

• Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

• Chocolate Hills Viewing

• Sotera AVP Rides

• Acacia Glamping

• Balicasag Island Hopping, Snorkeling and Diving

• Alona Beach

• Virgin Islands

• Antiquera Municipal Tourism Information Center

• Abatan River Community Life Tours

• Kayak Asia

• Punta Cruz

• Danao Adventure Park

• Cambuhat River Village Tour

• Quinale Beach

• Lamanok Mystic Island

• Alicia Panoramic Park

• Loon’s Vita Isola

• Jagna’s MUSFA Farm

• Sta Monica Church, Albaquerque

• Mirrors of the World, Sikatuna

• Sagbayan Peak


• Log on to

• Click tabs on list of hotels, tours, and dining to view deals

• Click the “Buy Now” Button to purchase

• Input your contact information and click “Pay Now” button to complete the transaction

• An email will be sent to the customer indicating an E-voucher with the confirmation number of the items purchased that they will use in contacting the hotel or the tour company to arrange their travel.