Delimondo now has adobo and tapa corned beef

Published February 24, 2021, 9:00 AM

by John Legaspi

Here’s to a great all-day breakfast feast

Tapa and adobo are among Filipino food historian Felice Prudente Sta. Maria’s breakfast staples in her book “Kain Na.” And it is just right that these dishes are included on the list for they are not only delicious, but also reflect our history in food. They are so well-loved that every region, let alone every Filipino kitchen, have their own distinct versions of the dishes, celebrating the diversity of the Philippine cuisine.

That is what home-grown brand Delimondo is bringing to the table with its new corned beef variants, the adobo and tapa. After introducing the caldereta-flavored corned beef in the past years, it is expected that the brand will infuse more of the classic Filipino dishes in its product lines.

According to the brand’s website, the adobo is “made with pure cattle beef marinated in sweet and tangy flavors.” While its take on the tapa sticks true to the curing process of the meat by using “slow braised beef simmered in vinegar, soy sauce, and traditional spices.”

The Adobo and Tapa corned beef is now available on Delimondo’s website for P176/380g.