Dominic Roque delights fans with ‘Puting Polo’ post

Published February 23, 2021, 5:55 PM

by Neil Patrick Nepomuceno

Dominic Roque, who is getting lots of mileage nowadays being linked to Bea Alonzo, got some attention on social media recently, posting a photo of him in a white shirt.

Aside from the post itself, Dominic completed some people’s day by replying personally to their comments.

Few celebrities actually do this kind of thing.

For starters, a netizen wrote, “pag ako napansin mo yayayain ko si crush mag-date.”

To which Dominic replied, “Gooo yayain muna! para di nganga.”

Another one said, “Isang pampa-inspire sa work naman jan papa Doms.”

He replied, “Goooooo! Galingan mo dyan!”

Even the flirtatious comments got the attention of Dominic.

“Ginagalingan mo lagi babe,” said one netizen.

Dominic played along saying, “Minsan lang babe.” 

Due to this, some fans are happy while others are constantly checking Bea Alonzo’s Instagram feed everytime Dominic uploads something and vice versa.

Are you one of those fans?