Want to earn P3K? Watch Kris Aquino’s new video

Published February 22, 2021, 6:24 PM

by Neil Ramos

Kris Aquino was only too happy and proud sharing with fans her newest commercial, she posted it on social media almost immediately.

One would think it was something so special but, no.

It was actually cringe-inducing to say the least.

In it, Kris is doing something she shouldn’t be caught doing: dancing.

Badly at that.

A first, she said.

Well, hopefully it would be the last.

In any case, we applaud her effort as she did it under intense heat, something that, given her condition, could land her at a hospital.

Talk about dogged determination.

Well, she is Ninoy’s daughter after all.

Anyway, aiming to ensure it gains “love, love, love” from fans, Kris once again promised monetary considerations for at least 20 of her IG followers, and 60 of her Facebook followers.

She promised P3,000 each (“My staff will top-up sa inyong mga Shopee pay accounts, she said).

To get the cash gift, all you have to do is follow both her Instagram and Facebook accounts and use the hashtag #salamatshopee.

Then write a short explanation.

Kris’ example: “Salamat Shopee because you challenged me. You made me do things I thought I would never do. And I did it so willingly. As in ginawa ko yung mga inakala ko na never in my life kong magagawa pero inenjoy kong gawin because I love you.”


Several fans already sent answers.