Railway Institute conducting online classes too

Published February 22, 2021, 2:58 PM

by Alexandria Dennise San Juan

In a bid to cope with the challenges brought by the ongoing pandemic, the Philippine Railways Institute (PRI) launched last week a new online learning platform for its web refresher training course.

“I am delighted that, in keeping with the times, the PRI is now able to provide remote learning sustainably during, and even beyond, this pandemic,” Transportation Undersecretary Anneli Lontoc, officer-in-charge of the PRI, said.

“PRI is now part of a growing number of institutes and organizations that have adopted this kind of learning platform,” she added.

According to Lontoc, PRI’s new Learning Management System (LMS) aims to provide the existing railway operations and maintenance workforce a platform that allows self-paced learning, while still encouraging the trainees’ participation through facilitated contact sessions. 

With the LMS, Lontoc said PRI’s training courses are now administered, delivered, tracked, and automated in just one online platform.

Last Feb. 15, the railway institute successfully conducted its first LMS-delivered refresher training course, which was attended by at least 30 railway personnel and 15 graduating college students.

The PRI shifted to the Web Refresher Training Course (WRT) in July 2020 its face-to-face training was halted by the strict community quarantine imposed in March last year with the emergence of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

In November 2020, the PRI expanded the scope of its WRT to include graduating college students with railways-relevant background and returning OFWs with railway operation and maintenance experience.

Facing the growing number of participants and the challenge of conducting face-to-face classes, the PRI developed its own platform — the LMS — which gives instructors and trainees an academic and scalable digital learning environment along with the existing video platform being used by the institute. 

The new platform is also mobile-friendly, meaning users can enjoy seamless access to learning materials anytime and anywhere. 

“This is again a great next step in PRI’s learning strategy that will have a positive impact on learning across the railways sector,” Lontoc said.