Thriving and surviving: Here are DTI’s top Go Lokal brands for 2020

Published February 20, 2021, 6:18 PM

by Jonnah Lynne Pante

True to its mandate of assisting micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the Philippines to stand on their own and find their niche in the local and international markets, the Department of Trade and Industry has been at the forefront of bolsteringthe growth of Filipino MSMEs by implementing programs and projects amid the pandemic. 

Among these is the Buy Local, Go Lokal advocacy campaignwhich has turned into a familiar catchphrase to ignite patronageof Filipino products. The DTIlaunched the Buy Local, Go Lokal initiative amid the COVID-19 health crisis to call on Filipinos to support economic recovery efforts by prioritizing the purchase of locally made products over imported ones.

Despite the past year being filled with challenges and setbacks especially for MSMEs, there were those who managed to thrive and survive. Here are the GoLokal Best Sellers and Emerging Brands in 2020:

Oh So Healthy by Innovative Packaging

In case the name Oh So Healthy rings a bell, it’s because the products of Valenzuela-based enterprise Innovative Packaging have become a common sight on the shelves of convenience stores and supermarkets all over the Philippines. The proudly Piney brand also made its way to Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Australia.

They offer all-natural and guilt-free snacks made from fruits and vegetables that are abundant in the country like mango, jackfruit, pineapple, guava, purple yam, and sweet potato.Wrapped in colorful, eye-catching packaging, the business is also anchored on sustainability and inclusive growth as it also helps farmers through livelihood programs.

Sagana by Lick the Spoon

Sagana, the Tagalog word for bountiful, reflects what Lick the Spoon aims to showcase with its bottled food specialty. The Bulacan-based business has a wide range of gourmet food with ingredients that are mostly from different Philippine produce.

From the packaging to the food itself, Sagana is a brand promotes Filipino identity. Its best-sellers include their own take on Pinoy staple food like Spicy Tinapa in Tomato Sauce, Gourmet Daing with Tanglad, Gourmet Bagoong with Spicy Chocolate, and `so much more.

IIDA Farms by Muy Bien Ventures Co. Inc.

Turmeric drink is the flagship product of IIDA Farms by Muy Bien Ventures Co. Inc., an enterprise hailing from Sagay, Negros Occidental established in 2013 that also offers herbal teas and spices, and natural juices. 

Their healthy and innovative turmeric tea with calamansi juice received the Katha Award for Best New Product for Beverages at the 11th edition of the International Food Exhibition (IFEX) in 2017.

Theo and Philo Artisans Chocolate by Theo and Philo Chocolate Factory

Filipino-made pure chocolates are gaining traction in the international market, and among those that made this possible is Theo and Philo Chocolate Factory from San Juan City, Manila.

From chocolate bars to baking ingredients, award-winning Theo and Philo sees to it that the Philippine culture is etched in the taste and the overall presentation of their products. Apart from the usual variants, Theo and Philo also has unique flavors like Dark Chocolate with Green Mango and Salt and Dark Chocolate with Labuyo, and Milk Chocolate with Adobo made from ingredients that are sourced straight from Filipino farmers.

Pastillas by Maj Sweet Shoppe

From starting as a home-based business in 2014, Maj Sweet Shoppe from Malolos, Bulacan, climbed its way to the mainstream market with its sweet and delectable creamy and toasted variants of pastillas. 

Their products are available in  supermarkets nationwide and also  on various e-commerce platforms like Shopee.

Manila Chocolatier by Ralph & Matthew

Authentic local flavors fused with chocolate pralines, this is what Manila Chocolatier by Ralph& Matthew wants to bring closer to more Filipinos and to Filipinos missing home all over the world.

Joining the ranks of Filipino chocolatier companies promoting bean-to-bar goodness internationally, Manila Chocolatier is known for its pralines made with cacao from Davao carrying flavors of Leche Flan, Buko Pandan, Barako Coffee, Pili Nut, Lambanog, and its special Ube Chocolate withUbe Halaya filling.

Hailing from different parts of the Philippines, these brands are a testament to how the Buy Local, Go Lokal campaign delivers more opportunities for MSMEs located in the provinces, which cover a significant percentage of the overall MSME landscape in the country.

These Go Lokal 2020 Best Sellers and Emerging Brands are just a few of the hundreds of MSMEs in the Philippines that champion local pride. Discover more about the DTI’s Buy Local, Go Lokal campaign through and