TELL-ALL: Rica Peralejo on being a boldie, breast augmentation, Bernard Palanca and Piolo Pascual

Published February 20, 2021, 1:08 PM

by Neil Ramos

Rica Peralejo finally addressed questions that have long fascinated fans in her most recent vlog.

Among these is the truth behind her having supposedly undergone breast augmentation.

According to Rica, she really had her breasts done when she was 18.  

“Truth be told I don’t really remember why I did that,” she said. “Pag nire-recall ko ano ba yung reason ko, hindi ko talaga maintindihan, hindi ko talaga maalala bakit ko ginusto yun.”

“(But) I had them removed in 2017. I felt kasi with all the changes in my life, after how many years, I understood na hindi ko pala talaga kailangan ‘to, tsaka hindi pala ako ‘to. I just felt so much at ease after that.”

She made clear she has nothing against those who still want it done, though.

Rica, among more wholesome actresses of her generation, became a star after appearing in sexy films.

Asked why she decided to take the boldie plunge, she shared,”Like many things in my life, I really don’t make decisions. What I mean about that is, parang nag fo-flow in and out of things lang ako.”

She explained further, “I was already about a few years old in the business and they were telling me that you know you needed to change your image for your to be able to survive.

“One way that they saw this happening was if I took on more mature roles.

“I really bared some parts of my body and did some really horrifying, not-so-proud of things on screen just so we could give something to our producers for a movie.”

She regrets having done so.

“’Yung pagsisisi ko lang din is, you know, what I did caused other people to sin, or aggravated it, contributed to, you know, the defiling of who they are. That, of course, is heavy on me.”

At the time, Rica was also into nicotine and alcohol.

“I would smoke 2 packs of Marlboro Reds, before, everyday. Nauubos ko yun. I would have a lit cigarette in my mouth before I would open my eyes, ganun ako katindi.

“I had several conditions and complications like nagkaka-Laryngitis ako, nawawalan na ako ng boses dahil nga sa sobra kong lakas mag sigarilyo…part talaga siya ng past ko, hindi ko yun dini-deny.”

As to past loves, she admitted to having as exes former “TGIS” mainstay Red Sternberg, Bernard Palanca and Piolo Pascual.

“Si Red naging boyfriend ko siya, pero nakakatawa one day ko lang yata siya naging boyfriend,” she recalled.

As to Bernard, she related, “We were together for four years, we just didn’t do life the same way.

“I liked to be with him a lot, he loved to be with me a lot back then but yun nga on the most crucial thing hindi kami nag-a-agree.

“We tried until the 4th year and I said, ‘You know what? This is not gonna work.’”

Her relationship with Piolo was confusing in that she wasn’t sure as to what they were.

“Yes, (we were together) in the sense na ang deep namin dalawa with each other but we never put a label on it. Never namin binigay yun sa isa’t-isa…tapos hindi rin kami umamin.

“I’m not sure if umamin siya pero parang ako I don’t recall saying anything kasi at that time hindi ko rin alam talaga kung ano ba kami but it was very clear to us that we liked each other a lot…”

Revealing as it was, Rica went on to actually detail how she was not even a virgin anymore when she met her future husband, pastor Joseph Bonifacio.

“No, I wasn’t a virgin any more when I met him (husband) that’s veyr evident with the kind of life I was leading before. “But I think that’s one of the things that made me fall in love with him. He knew everything about me and yet he chose to love me and he chose to see the best in me.”