Arthaland, Sustainability, & the Queen City

Published February 20, 2021, 9:59 AM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

In the real estate industry, the prevailing thought to this day is that when asked ‘What are the three most important factors in successfully selling real estate?’ the smart quippy answer is to say, ‘Location, location, & location.’ Experts in the industry will swear by this adage, saying that no property features such as building, ground, design, or price can hold sway over the almighty location.

But the inescapable truth is that for decades now, there has been a growing clamor for the responsible design and construction of buildings. Especially in First World nations, real estate companies have heeded this call and have turned into green developers, aware of their responsibility in terms of what sort of carbon footprint they leave behind; and how going green impacts not only on their role as developers, but plays a big part in the lives of the people who will occupy their buildings and structures, whether it be an office edifice or a residential estate.

The Arthaland Difference

Superior design, high quality, focus on sustainability and innovation. It’s easy to play lip service to these attributes as a developer; but in its relatively short history, Arthaland is the only Philippine developer that made ‘going green’ an essential cornerstone of its very existence. It’s our only developer with a 100% certified green portfolio. Way before the trend caught on here, way before the pandemic struck and brought home how development and concern for the environment have to go hand in hand, Arthaland was operating with these principles as part of their DNA.

From 10 years ago, and up to this day, Arthaland’s Arya Residences at the BGC, is the first and only LEED® Gold certified, and BERDE 4-Stars certified residential building in the country. Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) green building certification is used worldwide, developed by the US Green Building Council in 1993. And from 1994 to 2015, it grew from one standard for new construction, to a comprehensive system of interrelated standards covering aspects from the design and construction, to the maintenance and operation of buildings. Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE) is certification by our own Philippine Green Building Council.

The Arya Residences at BGC, Taguig

Other Arthaland developments are:

The Arthaland Century Pacific Tower – the only multi-certified office building in the Philippines, with a LEED® Platinum rating, and BERDE 5-Stars rating, plus a WELL Health-Safety rating, and the world’s first net-zero award under the World Bank Group’s IFC EDGE program. It stands on 5th Avenue, corner 30th Street, BGC.

The Century Pacific Tower, 5th Avenue, corner 30th Street, BGC.

The Cebu Exchange – largest pre-certified WELL building in the Philippines, and the first outside Metro Manila. WELL is the leading tool for advancing health and well-being in buildings globally, improving health and human experience through design. It’s also the only building to be completed on-time in Cebu according to Colliers’ Joey Bondoc.

The Cebu Exchange, Arthaland’s first foray into the Queen City.

Savya Financial Center – located in ARCA South, the North Tower was topped off on-schedule in February of this year, with completion projected for 4Q 2021. It’s a next generation office tower, providing not only the essentials needed and expected by a multinational locator, but so much more.

Sevina Park – this is Southeast Asia’s first and only mixed-use development to achieve Platinum certification for LEED® Neighborhood Development and LEED® Homes categories. The Sevina Park Villas first phase is on track for handover to buyers starting July 2021. Located in Laguna.

Arthaland in Cebu

Arthaland has big plans for Cebu City. Beyond The Cebu Exchange, the real estate buzz around the city is about a new residential project will be centrally located in Cebu Business Park; a property that will have the same quality, and more sustainability and wellness features than Arya Residences. It will stand for all the things Arthaland is known for – excellent design, sustainable/green, high quality standards, and a really smart and sound investment.

If Arya Residences can act as a measuring and forecasting ‘stick’; know that Arya stakeholders are happy with the capital appreciation of their units (more than 3x), and the rental incomes. So whether you plan to live in the units or are investing to rent out, you can be confident about the increase in value, and the rental demand of your purchase.

With a greater appreciation for the sustainability, and the health and wellness features of Arthaland developments, foreigners and the ex-pat community have made Arya a sought-after address. I got this from the brokers I know, how more than 50% of the Arya units are filled with Japanese, American, and European tenants; and that they’re so much in demand that it’s not improbable to extract better deals with your tenants-to-be.

Expect the new Arthaland project in the Queen City of the South to enjoy these same advantages. As Arthaland Vice-Chairman & President Jaime C. González is proud to mention, “This year, we are excited to launch our flagship condominium in Cebu City. It’s envisioned to be the first multi-certified residential development in Cebu City – aiming for LEED®, WELL, BERDE, and EDGE certifications.” In fact, if all four certifications are realized, the Cebu residential condominium will stand as the first residential condominium in the world to possess all four certifications. The benefits of this attention to Sustainability is something enjoyed by the buyers, and those who inhabit the structure.

Arthaland’s Vice-Chairman & President, Jaime C. González.

The Dream Being Fulfilled

With Arthaland developments, you’re not just investing in a building or property; you’re also sharing in a vision, and a dream. It’s a vision that seriously looks at the future, and what our habitats and/or work places should look and be like. If anything, it’s a glimpse into our own Future and what it can hold for us. It’s not just about Possibility, it’s about turning that possible into something real and tangible here in the Philippine landscape. It’s responsible building and developing that’s happening today, and not as some pipe dream of what can and should be. And it’s all coming to Cebu.