Fans demand better treatment, promotion for K-pop group Red Velvet

Published February 19, 2021, 7:31 AM

by Jonathan Hicap

Red Velvet (Instagram) 

Fans are demanding Korean agency SM Entertainment to treat and promote K-pop girl group Red Velvet better. 

In an open letter, global fans belonging to ReVeluv, Red Velvet’s fandom, listed their demands “to address SM Entertainment’s mistreatment of Red Velvet, from their 2014 debut until now.”

“ReVeluv want to address SM Entertainment’s continued lack of support and promotions for Red Velvet members’ activities, both as a group and as individuals,” the letter read. 

The fans stated that “SM Entertainment has failed to properly promote Red Velvet’s activities, notably ignoring several members’ individual activities.”

These include Irene’s movie “Double Patty,” Seulgi’s Art books, Wendy’s variety show “Mysterious Record Shop,” Wendy’s return after her hiatus, Joy’s magazine pictorials and inconsistent promotion of “Yeri’s Room.” 

“In comparison to other artists under their label, SM Entertainment has failed to properly handle Red Velvet activities. Compared to their labelmates, Red Velvet’s comebacks have continuously received shorter pre-order periods and promotion periods, little original content and little artistic freedom for members of the group,” the fans said. 

They added, “ReVeluv have continuously supported Red Velvet activities, and strongly hope that SM Entertainment will consider our demands and take action to provide better support and promotion of Red Velvet, thus ensuring ReVeluv’s continuous support and Red Velvet’s continued success.”

The hashtag #SM_SUPPORT_REDVELVET trended on Twitter on Feb. 18 as fans expressed their frustration. 

The fans’ demands from SM Entertainment are: 

• Official social media updates (@RVsmtown on Twitter, @redvelvet.smtown on Instagram, Red Velvet YouTube Community Page and Red Velvet Facebook page) for all schedules of all five Red Velvet members

• Acknowledgements of individual achievements and group achievements 

• Fair treatment for all members 

• Social media updates of all 5 Red Velvet members’ brand partnerships

• Dedicated Red Velvet social media and PR team

• Consistent comeback promotions and budget comparable to that of other major SM artists

• Artistic freedom and support for Red Velvet members’ expressed interests such as music production, songwriting and other creative pursuits

• Quick and permanent actions against defamation, online hate and harassment 

• Access to group social media platforms for all five Red Velvet members to interact with fans, such as access to their Twitter account 

• Better treatment of Red Velvet’s fans, ReVeluv