What we know about the movie ‘Cruella’

Published February 18, 2021, 11:59 AM

by John Legaspi

The Dalmatian-obsessed fashion legend is back

Emma Stone as Cruella

Disney has just released the trailer for its upcoming live-action film “Cruella,” featuring actress Emma Stone as the titular character. Many fans of the Dodie Smith novel, the 1961 animated film, and the 1996 live-action movie have been waiting to see what the new “Dalmatian” feature would be like. And by the looks of it, it seems that this take on the villainess will be more than just about her obsession with the black and white spots.

‘Cruella’ is the latest live action remake released by Disney

These live action remakes by Disney come in different forms. From being a straight retelling of the animated classic (“Aladdin” and “Beauty and the Beast”) to a reimagined story (“Dumbo” and “Christopher Robin”).

“Cruella” goes to the same path the studio took for the “Maleficent” franchise, where the story or the prequel is being told from the perspective of the antagonist.

Glenn Close is part of the movie

While we’ve already seen how masterfully Glenn Close has portrayed the black and white fanatic fashion maniac that is Cruella de Vil in previous “101 Dalmatian” movies, for this movie, she worked on the sideline as its executive producer.

Glenn Close

The movie us proving to be a one fashion feature

Of course, having Cruella as among the most iconic fashion-related characters in film and literature, it is just right to expect a movie with no shortage of style.

The prequel is set in London in the 1970s where the young Cruella, Estella, is an upstart fashion designer employed by Baroness Von Hellman, the head of a prestigious fashion house—before Cruella became the dog-skinned obsessed, ruthless, and terrifying fashion legend she is infamously known for. The film’s costume designer Jenny Beavan, known for her work for “Mad Max: Fury Road,” explores the edgy side of ‘70s fashion scene.

Costume design by Jenny Beavan
Emma Thompson as the Baroness

It will be released on May 28, 2021

The film was first slated for a December 2020 release, but due to the COVID, it was pushed back to a 2021 schedule. The studio is currently planning a theatrical release, but may change depending on the course of the pandemic.

Watch the trailer here.