Vin Abrenica amused at comments on skin tone of Sophie Albert

Published February 18, 2021, 10:22 AM

by Neil Patrick Nepomuceno

Actor Vin Abrenica shared a fun moment with his fans as he responded to the comments comparing his skin tone to his fiance, Sophie Albert.

On Instagram, Vin posted a photo with Sophie captioned: “What’s the commotion all about? We love and appreciate all your warm and sweet greetings! Di ko maiwasang makita yung reactions and comments sa kamay ni @itssophiealbert kesyo sinasabi na:

A. Sobra sa gluta

B. Anong brand ng sabon/lotion niya

C. Anemic

D. Kamay ng Vampire

E. Kasama sa Adam’s Family at iba pa.

“San ba banda dito ang maputi? Hindi naman halata.”

Sophie Albert saw this and commented: “WAHAHAHAHA”

Since the couple announced their engagement last Friday, Feb.12, Vin and Sophie had been subjected to numerous bashful comments about their looks on social media.

Some netizens commented: “Painted skin,” “Bat parang liquid eraser yung nail polish?” “A ghost hand” and more.

As seen in this post, Vin and Sophie seemed to remain cool about it.