Sen. Binay faces danger of COVID-19 if she fails to overcome ‘trypanophobia’

Published February 18, 2021, 5:51 PM

by Hannah Torregoza 

Senator Nancy Binay on Thursday admitted her extreme fear of needles.

Sen. Nancy Binay (Alex Nueva España/Senate PRIB)

But the senator would rather fight off her trypanophobia, medical term extreme fear of medical procedures involving needles or hypodermics,  than be exposed to the danger of being infected with the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

That is why, Binay said, she prefers a single-shot COVID-19 vaccine as an option since it would only be administered once.

“Well…I have this fear of injections, so at the moment I’d rather get the Johnson&Johnson (COVID-19 vaccine) kasi nga single dose lang siya (because it’s just for a single dose),” Binay said in an ANC Headstart interview.

Binay clarified that she is not primarily afraid to get vaccinated in public but only that she prefers to undergo a one-time inoculation.

“Yes.  Actually I’m always asked if I’m willing to do it in public. Yeah, I’m willing to do it in public, kaso lang baka iyong makakakita sa akin baka mas matakot (but those who might see me get vaccinated would only get scared) because I really have that (kind of) fear,” she pointed out.

“Talagang sobrang takot na takot ako (really, I am just so scared),” the senator reiterated.

So far, Johnson&Johnson is the first pharmaceutical company to launch a single-shot Janssen COVID-19 vaccine candidate. In Jan. 29 of this year, Johnson&Johnson said its one-shot jab can provide 66 percent effectivity rate and can prevent moderate to severe COVID-19.

Unlike rival vaccines that require two doses, the single-shot jab of Johnson&Johsnon COVID-19 vaccine surpassed the US Food and Drug Administration’s 50 percent efficacy requirement for emergency use approval (EUA).

While affirming that she is going to get inoculated against COVID-19, Binay, however, said she is not in a hurry go get vaccinated.

“I don’t think I am in the priority list. We all know that there’s a shortage of the vaccine, so I’d rather give it to the health-workers,” she said. “I am willing to sacrifice, be locked up in my house, basta maibigay sa mga kababayan natin na talagang mas nangangailangan ng bakuna (as long as our fellow citizens who desperately need the vaccine would get it),” Binay reiterated.