Solenn Heussaff’s makeup collection helped her cope with depression

Published February 17, 2021, 9:30 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Growing up with frequent trips to her father’s country France, Solenn Heussaff was exposed to art quite a lot, eventually making her fall in love with painting. “Art is amazing! And with makeup, of course, you’re still playing with colors, but you’re helping someone feel beautiful, so it’s not just you creating a masterpiece out of the canvas you have but it’s also helping with the emotions of a certain person,” she says about the connection between art and makeup.

She never really thought of putting on makeup when the lockdown first started. “I think people kind of just let themselves go. You forget what was important, and you forgot the simple things like waking up. You know, putting on a pretty face does also help the morale. Definitely, towards the end of 2020, I did start to dress up at home a little bit, put on makeup, did my workouts even if I knew that I wasn’t going to see anyone,” says Solenn.

Being an artist has its fair share of emotional waves, including depression that crept in for Solenn, “I try to put myself together to help my mental health as well, because it’s very easy to let go when you’re not being exposed to the world. But you have to remember that self love will just make everything better.”

Solenn also stopped painting for a while and worked on being a hands-on mom. So she is grateful for this makeup collaboration with her sister-in-law Anne Curtis’ blk cosmetics, because she got to draw and paint again. The packaging of the box and the acrylic casings have her artworks printed on them. “It did bring life back into the house,” she says about rediscovering her passion.

Aside from painting, she also came to grow fond of flowers and plants. She appreciates them now more than ever, especially the past year when the lockdown happened, brightening the mood at home. Hence, the floral theme for this capsule collection.