Just one minute with Solenn Heussaff’s creamy multi-palette duo

Published February 17, 2021, 4:00 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

It’s simple but ingenious—and shows off the personality of blk cosmetics’ first creative collaborator Solenn Heussaff. It’s all about the lips and cheeks for her. “If I wake up tired and I put a bit of blush then I look alive. And then for the lips, it just makes you feel a little bit more dressed up when you walk out the door,” shares Solenn.

This is why their star product, and everyone’s favorite, is the creamy multi-palette duo that comes in two shades: Mystic Dream duo of warmer terracotta nudes and Free Spirit duo of cooler pink tones.

Solenn added that these two palettes are very easy to use. “It’s very versatile because you can use it on your lids, on your lips, on your cheekbones, even contouring! You can also apply with your fingers, no need for brushes and all the fancy shmancy shmabang that come with makeup,” she says. And we can attest to this—we finished a whole look with this palette in just one minute.

blk cosmetics X Solenn Heussaff comes with multi-palette duos and lipsticks

On why she thought of these creamy multi-use palette duos, Solenn explained that her makeup choices has evolved from being gothic to achieving flawless skin with tons of makeup. “And then, now, I guess the older you get, the less makeup you want, the less coverage you want on your face because, you want to feel your youth again, and because it just feels so much better. You know when you’re older it’s all about being fuss-free.” She also added that it’s all about embracing how you look. For Solenn, this means showing off her freckles, moles, and even her lines. “I just like to keep it minimalistic. I think that’s the new ‘do.”

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