Darren Espanto sends Cassy Legaspi boxes of pizza on Valentine’s Day

Published February 17, 2021, 5:29 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

It has been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Darren Espanto believes it works the other way around too, sending Cassy Legaspi boxes of pizza on Valentine’s Day.

Cassy’s mom, Carmina Villaroel, made the whole thing public, thanking the 19-year-old singer who’s currently in Canada.

“You’re so sweet,” Carmina wrote, sharing a video of their family at a dining table sharing the pizza.

Cassy, meanwhile, shared a separate “thank you” video.

She said, “Thank you for the pizza D!”

The two young stars’ shippers were giddy about it all.

They were also only too excited reading through their fun social media exchange.

They believe Darren has finally mustered the courage to court Cassy.

And it looks like Cassy’s twin, Mavy, approves, calling Darren his “brother-in-law.”

It all started with Darren hinting he has feelings for Cassy in a vlog.

Asked if he plans to court Cassy, he replied, “Our lives are just about to start and I don’t want to rush into things but in the future, who knows? Who knows where it’ll take us. But Cassie already know my answer.”

When Cassy was asked if she has a crush on Darren, she replied coyly that he is “very likeable.”

“And I understand why lot of girls (like him). I can see the appeal,” she added.

As to the possibility of romance she shared, “Like what he said, we both just started our career so focus muna tayo sa career. ‘Wag muna sa love life choo choo. Honestyl, I like where Darren and I are right now.”