Delivery man bikes 3 hours from Manila to Cavite; touches hearts of netizens

Published February 16, 2021, 8:12 AM

by Dhel Nazario

“Kasama sa trabaho namin ‘yun (It’s part of our job).”

These were the words of the delivery man from Binondo in Manila who went viral on Facebook after he battled exhaustion and travelled all the way to Bacoor, Cavite using a small bicycle.

Solid nung nag deliver ng order koUna nagagalit pa ako kasi bat kako ang tagal halos 3hrs wala paSabi lang ng rider…

Posted by Michael Jamandre on Monday, February 15, 2021

Michael Jamandre, the customer from Cavite, made the appreciation post for rider Jeffrey Jaskie Sioson when he found out after almost three hours of waiting that the delivery man was only using a small bike.

Jamandre ordered a miniature statue of the character Monkey D. Luffy from the anime “One Piece”. At first, Jamandre said he got impatient because almost three hours have already passed and the rider still has not arrived.

“Sabi lang ng rider basta dadating daw sya. Mag-antay lang daw ako (The rider just said that he would arrive and I should just wait),” Jamandre said.

“Nung dumating ung rider, biglang nawala ang inis ko. Una natawa ako, tapos naawa ako (When he arrived, my irritation vanished. At first I found it funny, but then I empathized with him),” he added.

Jamandre was both amazed and shocked when he saw how small the bike that Sioson had used for the delivery and that he was only going to be paid P250 for the service. Jamendre said he messaged the store and asked if the rider works for them and the store mentioned that they give opportunities to people like Sioson who have no job to work as a delivery man. The P250 rate for the delivery was based on other courier services according to the store.

Jamandre said that he also admired the store’s initiative to help people in their area work for a living. What netizens found even more moving was when Sioson refused the P250 tip being offered by Jamandre. He said he did it because he knew how tiring it was to travel on a small bike all the way from Manila to Cavite.

He even had to force Sioson to take the tip but he returned P100 and said that he was already content with P150.

“Ang sabi lang ni kuya, naku boss, ok lang yun. Kasama sa trabaho namin yun (Sioson only said that it’s fine and that it’s part of their job),” Jamandre said.

Netizens who commented on Jamandre’s post said that they wish to provide Sioson with a better bike. Some even offered second-hand motorcycles. The post as of writing, has garnered a total of 57,000 reactions, 4,200 comments, and 33,000 shares.