Can Erwan Heussaff’s leche flan banana cake be the next viral treat?

Published February 16, 2021, 4:57 PM

by John Legaspi

Erwan Heussaff and his leche flan banana cake

As the world stayed indoors last year, countless qurantreats came into mainstream consciousness. Many of these food trends were hailed from social media, while others were revisited or reinvented recipes. For what it is worth, a time in the kitchen was the best way to kill cabin fever and a productive way to procrastinate.

In his latest food blog, Erwan Heussaff focused on what makes a food or recipe go viral. According to him, it was a matter of convenience, that DIY aspect (e.g. Dalgona coffee and tortilla fold) and mashing-up beloved treats (leche flan donuts and ube cheese pandesal).

This time, Erwan is set to create the next viral recipe with his leche flan and banana cake combo. 

See the layers of the cake made even more luscious with the caramel sauce

Think of a good banana loaf turned into decadent custard cake with rich leche flan on top and a drizzle of caramel sauce. If that doesn’t say comfort food, we don’t know what will. The baked good ticks the list for being the next viral dish, not to mention it’s Instagram-worthiness. 

Now, if you’re salivating just like many of us, here’s how Erwan makes his leche flan banana cake, a.k.a the next quarantreat to try.

Images from @erwan