Bruce Buffer celebrates 25th year in UFC with dazzling custom coat

Published February 15, 2021, 7:30 PM

by Carlo Anolin

VOICE OF OCTAGON – Bruce Buffer, holding a custom red suit with comic-inspired details, celebrates his 25th year in the UFC as its cage announcer. (Photo from UFC and King & Bay’s Instagram)

Believe it or not, Bruce Buffer has been the announcer in the Octagon for 25 years.

Three years after UFC’s inception in 1993, the Octagon wouldn’t be complete without its iconic cage announcer in Buffer.

And on Saturday night, Feb. 13, (Sunday, Manila time) at UFC 258, the 63-year-old Buffer wore a custom red suit with a comic-inspired detail designed by King & Bay, which has been the announcer’s go-to for his outfit, to mark his 25 long years with the biggest mixed martial arts promotion in the world.

No less than Buffer, in comic-strip style, was featured in the dazzling coat with a touch of Valentine’s Day color.

“To commemorate Bruce Buffer’s 25th Anniversary, the King & Bay’s design team curated a custom lining showcasing Bruce in his signature smoking jackets at different UFC events throughout his career,” the brand wrote on Instagram.

“To properly capture Bruce’s larger than life personality and his charisma, we channeled his inner superhero by creating a graphic story of his adventures. The result is Bruce in his true element thrilling fans in the [O]ctagon all over the world.”

The first of five commemorative pocket rounds were also shown in the limited collection, highlighting Buffer’s signature Raw Silk Jacquard Smoking Jacket worn at different UFC events.

For every purchase of pocket rounds, limited to 250 pieces that come with a certificate of authenticity,  25 percent of the proceeds will be donated to the Cancer Research Institute selected by Buffer himself.

Bruce, the younger brother of boxing and wrestling announcer Michael Buffer, also extended his gratitude to the UFC for the milestone and King & Bay for being his long-time partner in style.

The UFC, for its part, doubled the celebration by paying homage to the veteran announcer in a video montage.

Buffer made his announcing debut in UFC 8 on February 8, 1996, in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, owning the voice behind the line “It’s time!” and charismatic signature moves “Buffer 180” and “Buffer 360” for his introduction.

“When my passion wanes, then I’m gonna retire, that’s just the way it is,” Buffer told reporters in a press conference during the Usman-Burns event. “I mean, I’m the person who wants to catch the paycheck on a Monday morning at the bank like anybody else but I’m not in this for the money. I’m in this for the love of what I do. I’m a fan first and an announcer second.”

In UFC 258’s main event, meanwhile, Kamaru “The Nigerian Nightmare” Usman defended his welterweight belt over pal-turned-rival Gilbert Burns of Brazil in a stunning third-round technical knockout win.