Kris Aquino on deleted Facebook posts: ‘I should have been more careful’

Published February 14, 2021, 10:59 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Kris Aquino

On the eve of her birthday on Feb. 14, Kris Aquino planned to celebrate her special day by giving out cash gifts to her loyal followers but it was delayed following a technical glitch.

In her recent post, Kris shared how everything on her Facebook account that were uploaded beyond Jan. 13 got wiped out.

“Dear Facebook, Please make this soon to be birthday girl very happy? Please restore all my previous posts?,” she pleaded.

According to her, she already cried about it because she knew it wasn’t her fault.

“I should have been more careful about allowing who I could trust to be my page admins,” she said.

Kris said that she wanted her more than 1.5 million followers who took the time to comment and say #happybirthdaykris to know they matter to her.

Later, Kris said that the promised gifts of P5,000 cash to lucky winners have been sent out.

“Just like you, Facebook – I value my CREDIBILITY. I need those previous posts to be out there so my followers will know we made our choices based on geographical, work-related, gender identification, and age differentiation choices. Because this wasn’t about me – this was me saying THANK YOU for allowing me to make my childhood dreams come true. And during my milestone 50th birthday, it’s time for me to give back, share my blessings with those who made it and continue to make it possible for me to share mine. Please, please, please?,” she requested.

“IG Friends to be FAIR, I’ll wait for my FB to be restored before I post the 75 winners of P5,000 each, the 25 here, and the 50 on FB. Let’s believe that good things can happen for people with good intentions.”