LOOK: ‘Old school’ love letters you can also try this Valentine’s Day

Published February 13, 2021, 7:09 PM

by Noel Pabalate

Writing a love letter is an art that goes beyond just self-expression. More than anything, it is an expression of a shared bond, of romance between two lovers. It is a great opportunity to creatively communicate your thoughts and feelings. And when written by hand with a certain level of artistry, it becomes a gesture that conveys love in a more sincere, intimate, and genuine manner.

Photo courtesy of [email protected]

You can probably blame information technology for why this art is on the verge of becoming extinct. We now rely on “fast” communication such as texting, email, and social media messaging. These new methods, however, have made the endangered art of writing physical letters even more special.  

During the not-so-old days, creative presentation mattered to add more “pogi points.” A common practice was writing on scented stationary paper, which was then folded in a heart shape or into an envelope using origami.

Perhaps those from today’s generation who still know how to make their crush feel special, still do these. But there are more artistic ways of writing these missives of love, with a bit more effort, born from admiration or infatuation.

Check out these billets-doux that can make falling in love more exciting.

Letter strips in a film canister

Click here to make one (Photo courtesy of lomography.com)

Film negatives used to develop photographs were rolled inside a canister. When all of it has been used, there’s an excess film strip where your love letter can be attached. These love notes are written on paper that are cut in the same width as the film strips, and are then glued together and rolled inside.

Cassette letter reels

Here’s how it’s done (Photo by Junbin Guo)

Cassettes were used to play music. These have magnetic tape reels that store recorded audio. To turn one into a love letter, replace the reels with connected paper strips, as wide and long as the magnet reels. Best to write your letter before putting the strips of paper in, of course. To read the message, insert a pen through one of the casette’s holes (like how we used to manually rewind these tapes).

Jigsaw love letter

Learn here how to do it. (Photo courtesy of loveparadiseforyou.com)

Everyone is familiar with jigsaw puzzles. You know you can turn them into jigsaw love letters? Or you can make one from a board paper. After writing the message, trace a puzzle pattern on the back of the board. Cut these puzzle shapes and put them in a box of envelope for added effect.

It might be difficult to find some of these materials today, save perhaps for the jigsaw puzzle, But, as they say, love will always find a way, this time to be creative. And in this age of social media, writing a heartwarming letter even just on a piece of pad paper might just make your Valentine’s Day a tad bit more memorable.