How to do last-minute decorations for Valentine’s Day

Published February 13, 2021, 12:51 AM

by Millie Manahan

It’s Love Month once again. Have you planned where and how to celebrate it this year? This year is a bit challenging, however, celebrating Valentine’s Day amid the pandemic is a great time to show appreciation and gratefulness to the people you love.

We have rounded up uncomplicated decorating ideas for Valentines that you would absolutely love—just perfect for your last minute decoration.

Decorating for your children

Valentine’s Day is a big deal for kids! They enjoy making crafts and participating in mushy activities; painting their rainbows with all sorts of pinks and reds. Here are some DIY projects that you can do at home to fill your place with the spirit of love:

* Watch online tutorials. There are tons of instructional videos on YouTube that will help you create the sweetest decorations ever. Whether it is something to stick to the wall or to serve on the table, these videos would be helpful!
  • Make goody bags. Who would not love candies and chocolates? Satisfy your children’s sweet tooth by making goody bags. Take out any special wrapper you have at home and pack it with sweets! Make sure to pick your child’s favorites—we are sure they will love it!
  • Bake cookies. Every child dreams of baking and decorating their very own sweet treats. Celebrate the messiest Valentine’s Day by inviting your children in the kitchen to bake some goodies.

Decorating your office

You do not have to break the bank to celebrate love! Simple decorations like flowers can instantly transform your workspace into something sweet and eventful. Here’s what you can do to make everything sweeter at work:

  • Balloons and flowers. Spread the sweet vibes by putting flowers and balloons in your office—it will also boost your co-worker’s mood to work for the day. Too overwhelming? Show your appreciation by giving your co-workers short love notes!
  • Host a tea party. Having parties does not mean you have to invite the whole office. Send invitations to your team or your closest workmates and set up a coffee or tea party during breaks. A small act of appreciation!

Decorating your Home

Staying at home for celebration? There are a lot of simple things that can do with your family on Valentine’s. Aside from making treats and having soulful dinners, here are no brainer ideas that you can enjoy at home.

  • Serve breakfast in bed. No better way to start your day with a good meal. You can simply make pancakes and coffee, add flowers and notes, and make someone happiest today!
  • Indoor picnics. If you cannot go outdoors, do it at home! Prepare easy to cook meals, have your blankets ready, make some orange juice, put them inside a basket and you are good to go!
  • Spa at home. Treat your loved ones with a free massage using essential oils, take long bubble baths or put on hydrating sheet masks for a skincare night. Don’t forget to light some scented candles to achieve the spa ambiance.

Decorating is a fun task, yet it could also be tiring and time-consuming. Celebrating Valentine’s Day is just one of the many special occasions we anticipate every year. So, just a green tip, you may use recycled materials or repurpose things such as bottles and use them as a flower vase or containers! There are so many opportunities to unleash your creativity not only for Valentine’s Day but for other special occasions as well.

Make this year’s celebration exciting for your friends and family by being more creative at home. Aside from these ideas, make sure to sanitize everything that you will use for the occasion and have your guests strictly follow safety protocols.