Did you know that contractors can be suspended over slight yet crucial mistake on roads they build?

Published February 13, 2021, 4:10 PM

by Betheena Kae Unite

Did you know that a contractor can actually be suspended over uninstalled warning signs and barricades on ongoing road works?


“Contractors may be kept under suspension for failure to observe highest safety standards in highway construction,” Department Public of Works and Highways (DPWH) Chief Mark Villar said Saturday, February 13.

“The safety protocols particularly on good housekeeping and installation of sufficient warning signs and barricades is a must to prevent accidents on construction sites,” he added.  

The secretary explained that existing DPWH Highway Safety Design Standards mandates contractors and the department’s implementing offices to observe safe work practices thru good housekeeping and guarantee the installation of sufficient warning signs and barricades to avoid creating hazardous and risky road conditions.

Under Department Order No. 135, series of 2015, contractor/s who violate the safety protocols on ongoing project may face a full work suspension order in accordance with Section 9.1 of Republic Act No, 9184 otherwise known as Government Procurement Reform Act states that “The procuring entity shall have the authority to suspend the work wholly or partly by written order for such period as may be deemed necessary, due to failure on the part of the contractor to correct bad conditions which are unsafe for workers or for the general public, to carry out valid orders given by the procuring entity or to perform any provisions of the contract.”

The warning came after the department acted on a citizen’s report on an ongoing project site along Manila North Road, Calumpit Section in Bulacan.

After going through the photographs sent by the concerned citizen through the department’s Facebook page, additional barricades and warning signs were put in place along Manila North Road. 

“Again, we are thankful for concerned citizens who are taking part in ensuring road safety for the motorists, pedestrians, and workers of ongoing projects,” Villar said.

The secretary, however, did not disclose whether the concerned contractor of the road project was already sanctioned.

On February 4, Villar encouraged the public to report any defect or concern along national roads that need immediate rectification through a call or  a Facebook message.