Ryan Cayabyab: 'Parental support is crucial for child's creativity'

The music genius known as "Mr. C" shared some of his insights when it comes to developing children's creativity amid the ongoing pandemic.

In a published report from the National Center for Biotechnology Information website, The National Artist for Music related: "Children have emotionally pent up feelings of distress which may turn inwards into emotional fear or outwards towards acting out behavior.

"They might feel separated or alone as they have limited knowledge and level of maturity to understand the implications of the current pandemic situation in their limited world."

He is positive that this pandemic and the resulting lockdown offers an opportunity for youngsters, with the help of their parents to learn and develop their creative skills.

"What we found to be a positive result of the quarantine during this pandemic is that parents and children had more time together physically.

"However I would still encourage parents to organize a schedule, or some kind of learning regimen that their children will have to adhere to, like a regular time for school, for play, for specific bonding while doing something creative or practicing on their instruments or doing art, or dance or performance." he said.