LOOK: This local gin is made with sampaguita flower

Published February 10, 2021, 1:09 PM

by John Legaspi

It supports Filipina farmers, too!

Images from Proclamation Gin website

If there is one flower that best represents Filipinas, it would be the sampaguita. The flower’s simplicity reflects their humble beauty, while its intoxicating scent echoes their strength and resilience. Those are the things Proclamation Gin is celebrating as it officially launches in the Philippines.

Co-founded by architect Carlo Calma and media personality Cheryl Tiu, the local gin was made due to their passion for the drink and the Filipino heritage.

“Three years ago, we had the idea of creating our own gin, something that’s not only uniquely Filipino, but one that promises to uphold sustained traditions, clarity of flavors, and a continued commitment to excellence,” Cheryl posted

What makes the FDA-approved gin a stand out drink is it being infused with the sampaguita. This gives it subtle floral hints that contrast its smoky, fermented flavor, ultimately creating a unique and pleasurable drinking experience.

“We chose sampaguita because it is the Philippines’ National Flower, symbolic of day to day life in the Philippines. In 1934, General Franklin Murphy declared sampaguita as the Philippines’ National Flower in Proclamation No. 625. This is where our gin’s name was taken.”

To make the gin, the brand worked with the women farmers in Central Luzon, who handpick the flowers, harvesting only the best buds for the gin. These women are in the heart of the production of the local gin. 

“Sampaguita means ‘sumpa kita’ in Filipino which translates to ‘I promise you,'” the brand says. “This is Proclamation Gin’s promise to the women farmers—to continue giving them a source of livelihood.”

Click here to have a taste of the sampaguita gin. 

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