Lanao Del Norte trike driver returns huge amount of money left by passenger

Published February 10, 2021, 2:14 PM

by Bonita Ermac

ILIGAN CITY – For a tricycle driver who is in need of money to pay for debts incurred by his ailing father, discovering P21,000.00 left inside his motor vehicle would help ease his financial burden.

Tricycle driver Jahiden Ampatua Radiamoda (left) gets to meet Noahnie Bayquin, the passenger who accidentally left a huge amount of money inside Radiamoda’s trike. (Photo contributed by local reporter Mike Navarro)

21-year-old trike driver Jahiden Ampatua Radiamoda had to take care of his father who was bedridden for quite some time after being involved in a road accident late last year.
Friends have been telling him to just use the money to pay the debts he incurred while his father was in the hospital but Radiamoda felt an obligation to return it to its rightful owner.
“Mas maganda pa rin na makatulong tayo sa iba kasi ang hirap ng panahon ngayon,” he said. 
Days later through social media, Radiamonda learned about a lady pleading with anyone for help in finding her money which her child accidentally left inside a tricycle.
“Gumulong nako sa kwarto sa kakaiyak kasi ang hirap kitain ng pera na yun. May nagsabi sa akin na ipost sa facebook pero ayoko na sana kasi dagdag stress pa sa akin pag ibash kami,” said Noahnie Bayquin who admitted she never thought she would still recover her money.
Recalling the lady as being one of her passengers, Radiamonda reached out to Bayquin, eventually meeting up at the municipal hall to return the money.
“Patunay kasi ito na may mga tao pa rin na sa kabila ng krisis, mas pipiliin pa rin ang gumawa ng mabuti kaysa unahin ang sariling pangangailangan,” said Lala town mayor Angel Yap.
The mayor gave a reward to Radiamonda whose father unfortunately died late last year due to the severity of his injury.