Pia Wurtzbach reminds everyone about eating clean and healthy

Published February 9, 2021, 7:34 AM

by Robert Requintina

Pia Wurtzbach

Former beauty queen-actress Pia Wurtzbach is a certified foodie and has proven this many times.

Wurtzbach, 31, is the envy of all as she shares photos enjoying food but maintains a slim figure.

She has maintained the curves on the runways in countless fashion gigs.

Her model-like features are definitely one of her edges.

Wurtzbach has vowed to be committed to her health goals by eating clean and healthy.

On Instagram, Wurtzbach said that she will still eat everything in sight but promised to make the necessary changes for health and wellbeing.

The German-Filiipino beauty queen is still on an extended holiday mode as she uploaded a video of her hot meal for the day on IG Feb. 9.

Her full post:

“Its February already 🤯 Ang bilis ng panahon.. Really trying my best to stick to my new years resolutions. I’m a big foodie and without logic and restrain, I will eat everything in my sight 😂 

“But my willpower to get healthy and fit is stronger this time and I am committed to making the necessary changes for my health and wellbeing. With that said, hindi naman ibig sabihin nun di na mag eenjoy sa pagkain LOL 😅 

“That’s not possible for me. So I’ve made it a promise that I will eat clean on weekdays and then feast on weekends. That makes it easier to commit cos you’re not depriving yourself… and it also makes the treats feel guilt free cos you earned it 😊 

“Mas masarap kumain pag walang kasamang guilty feeling hahaha. I know it’s hard to stay committed and disciplined but for those who are sticking to their health goals, how are you treating yourself.”