MVIS? Please have mercy!

Published February 9, 2021, 6:00 AM

by George S. Chua

In the hope of ensuring the roadworthiness of all the country’s 10 million vehicles to have the privilege of using our world-class high speed road network, there is a plan to institute the Motor Vehicle Inspection System (MVIS).  This will be an annual requirement for all vehicles, including motorcycles, prior to the renewal of their registration. Its implementation has started (partially) in Metro Manila.

What does this MVIS entail?  It will cover an above carriage inspection, undercarriage inspection and a series of tests.  The above carriage inspection will include: Body Appearance, Chassis, Engine, Handlebars, Wiper/Washer, Windshield/Window Glass, Signal Lights (Front), Signal Lights (Rear), Parking Lights (Front), Parking Lights (Rear), Brake Lights, Backup Lights, Clearance Lights, Number Plate/Lights, Hazard Lights, Reflectors, Interior Lights, Top Light(Taxi), Seat Belts, Horn, Door/Hinges, Floor Board, Side Mirror/Rearview, Clutch system, Brake system, Driver’s/Passenger’s seat, Steering, Tires/wheels, Wheel Bolts/Nuts, Fuel Tank Cap, Panel Gauges. 

The undercarriage inspection will include: Radiator, Engine Bracket/Mounting, Engine Oil Leakage, Transmission Oil Leakage, Steering Ball Joints, Steering Leakages/Gearbox Mounting, Steering Idler/Section Shaft, Front/Rear Shackle Eyes/Pins/Bushes, Stabilizer Bushes, King Pins and bearings, Front Suspension Joints/Bushes, Rear Suspension Joints/Bushes, Rear Linkages, Brake Hoses/Pipes/Cylinders, Fuel hoses/pipes, Spring U Bolts/Nuts, Spring Clips, Shock Absorbers, Drive Shaft Bolt/Nut, Differential Oil leakage, Propeller Shaft Couplings, Exhaust Pipe and Silencer, Chassis Frame, Chassis Cross Member, Body Floor Board, Power Steering, Parking Brake Wire, Mobile Air Conditioner (MAC), and Others.

Various tests to be conducted will include, Sideslip Test, Suspension Test, Roller Brake Test, Speedometer Test, Headlight Test, Smoke Emission Test, Sound Test and maybe more! For this MVIS you will be only be charged the bargain price fee of only P1,800.00!  Just thinking about this gives me nightmares. 

I wonder how long it will take to do all these for one vehicle? If waiting in line for the current smoke emission test can take several hours with the actual test taking 10 to 15 minutes, plus a backlog running into months, I am certain that the proponents of the MVIS are assuming an amazingly fast theoretical processing time, but as someone who has had his car serviced for routine maintenance, I think that in reality this will take at least the whole day.

The implementation of the MVIS is another burden to the normal Filipino.  Certainly, not everyone who has a car or motorcycle is rich or even middle class.  Owning a vehicle has become a necessity due to the inadequacies of the public transport system and in some locations, the total absence of it.  Very few people have drivers that can they can ask to bring the vehicle and wait in line for the MVIS.  More so for senior citizens who are restricted from going out, but yet need to make more frequent trips for medical reasons and basic necessities, and now another requirement being imposed upon them.

Considering the number of inspections and tests being required in the MVIS, it is a certainty that there will be a long line and many people will be forced to wait in less than ideal social distancing conditions.  We can only hope that the President will realize this and see that the MVIS will be another big burden to the citizenry who will need to take time off from their livelihood,  forcing them to wait in another line, pay another fee and take another COVID risk.  Please have mercy on all of us and stop the implementation of the MVIS!

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