Feel the kilig with these Filipino rom-com movies

Published February 8, 2021, 9:28 AM

by John Legaspi

No jowa required!

The grand gestures, intense stares, heart-pounding moments, and, of course, the kiss. These are some of the many elements that make an endearing romance film. Unlike other forms of art, movies depict love in such a grand manner that they’re often the base reference for many love fantasies. And if there’s one thing we Filipinos should know about, it is that our local rom-com features never fail to bring all the feels.

This year, make your Hearts Month a love affair with local movies. Stay safe, snuggle in, order good food, and swoon over these Filipino romantic flicks available on Netflix. Remember, whether you’re single or in a relationship, Netflix and chill is a no-fail activity, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Cuddle Weather

When a seasoned sex worker sleeps with a rookie call boy, they soon find that a strictly physical relationship doesn’t completely satisfy them.


Eight years after their breakup, college sweethearts Christine and Raf reconnect at different points in their lives as feelings from the past resurface.

Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love

Faced with impending adulthood, these teenage friends confront unique challenges that will test their relationships, priorities, and views on life.

Love the Way Ü Lie

With the help of a spunky, lonely-in-love psychic, a deceased wife tries to get her grieving husband to move on. In the process, sparks begin to fly.

The Hows of Us

A young couple’s house was once a happy home. But with one as the breadwinner and the other looking for a big break, can love still live here?

Para sa Broken Hearted

In three interwoven stories, love ends up in limbo as romantic partners navigate bliss, loss, failures, and feelings while trying to make happiness last.

My Amnesia Girl

Years after leaving his bride-to-be at the altar, a man crosses paths with his ex and tries to make up for the past, only to find he’s been forgotten. 

Isa pa with Feelings

When an aspiring architect falls for her Deaf neighbor, they develop a connection and set out to form their own love language despite their differences.

Write About Love

A pair of screenwriters with clashing ideas must collaborate on a romantic movie. But developing the perfect love story could spark romance off the page.

Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wi-Fi

When an internet-obsessed teen develops a rare illness that forces her to move to a remote town, she must navigate her relationships without technology. 

Third Is My First

A newly retired and long-married woman reassesses her expectations about life when an old flame reenters the picture.

100 Tula Para Kay Stella

Smitten with an aspiring rocker, a college student with a speech impediment pens 100 poems to her in search of the right words to express his feelings.

Never Not Love You

When career opportunities take them abroad, a young couple’s individual ambitions threaten the future of their relationship.

Us at the End of the Year

Five years after their relationship ended, Sam and Isa spot each other by chance one evening and aren’t prepared for the feelings that resurface.

Hintayan ng Langit

Dead for two years, Lisang awaits the call to join heaven in an overcrowded purgatory and tries to let go of her past—until her ex-boyfriend arrives.