Richard Juan shares lessons on becoming an entrepreneur

Published February 7, 2021, 11:58 AM

by Neil Patrick Nepomuceno

Richard Juan

Richard Juan shares lessons on becoming an entrepreneur

In connection with an ‘”infomercial task” by the housemates of Pinoy Big Brother: Connect” (PBB: Connect), host Richard Juan was asked by “Big Brother” to guide the housemates about having the right entrepreneurial mindset.

“Be prepared to give up some of the things you love for your business to grow. This may include spending time with your friends and carefree weekends, among others.”

“It’s vital to have the right business partners, ideally the ones that compliment you well. The ones that are strong in things you’re weak at, and you’re strong in things they’re weak at.”

“Self-discipline is key. There are only 24 hours in a day and that’s not enough. You got to be disciplined enough to stay as productive as possible especially in a world full of distractions. You got to find your own ways to avoid distractions.”

“Be prepared for rejections. You can’t let rejections bother you. There will be a lot of pitches and a lot of rejections, that’s part of business. Sometimes you’re rejected not because you are not good, but it’s because you’re not what they’re looking for.”

Among Richard’s lessons are:

“Be agile and flexible. As mentioned earlier, you can come up with a perfect plan, but when you execute it, there are so many variables that can completely derail it. Be agile enough to adapt to the changes.”

According to the PBB host, the lessons he shared were all accumulated through his experiences as an entrepreneur.

Richard, 28, is the founder and CEO of a start-up video production and digital media company called 28 Squared Studios.

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