Love in the time of COVID-19: Valentine’s edition  

Published February 6, 2021, 12:11 AM

by Alex M. Eduque


Alex Eduque
Alex Eduque

So here goes the second entry to my mini series of love in the time of pandemic, this time, focused on Valentine’s Day. Whether or not you are a cynic who hates the thought of happy hearts and all things pink and red, over-priced roses, and restaurant gimmicks; or a romantic who will most definitely find it to be the perfect excuse to wine and dine in a fancy restaurant, write a love letter, go on a getaway or get a gift for that beloved someone, the minute February fourteenth comes around, it is undoubtedly a day that celebrates love, and a day that finds something a little bit more extra than normal.

And that is most definitely one of the few things that need not change even during the pandemic – the excuse to make Valentine’s Day a little more special than usual. Even in the comfort of one’s home, you can find a way to brighten up the day of your significant other, special someone, and your loved ones in general. You see, Valentine’s to me has always been the perfect excuse to spread the love (and the sweets) to some of my nearest and dearest. While receiving roses and that extra kilig will never get old, I was never one to solely associate Valentine’s Day with romantic love. I was always the type to remind my friends – especially the single ones – of how loved they truly are.

That aspect of Valentine’s Day is surely not about to change this pandemic – at least for me. If anything, it will probably be much more of a focal point. As in all things, this past year has truly placed emphasis on the importance of perspective in so many areas of our lives, and valuing loved ones is one of them. Love, I have come to realize, is as universal as it is specific. Gestures, expressions, channels, and languages differ, but ultimately, the feeling is the same. It is an emotion most powerful that it is capable of transforming.

So this Valentine’s Day, may we remember that it is not the roses and the chocolates that matter (though let us not be hypocritical; they are still much coveted), but rather, the show of love to your loved ones. Whether it’s an extra “I love you,” doing a gesture you know they appreciate, or simply spending extra time with them. It is not how you spend it, but who you spend it with that will ultimately make it memorable and special. At a time when so much has changed, and people are transitioning, adjusting, and trying to re-create and find their niche in this ever-evolving world again, a semblance of normalcy, or an extra love-filled day will be appreciated most. After all, it is truly the small things we live for the most these days.