PHL, Denmark unveils logo for 75th-anniversary of diplomatic ties

Published February 4, 2021, 2:54 PM

by Roy Mabasa

The Philippines and Denmark have collaborated to launch a common logo for the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries that depict the shapes of their respective national flowers, Sampaguita and Daisy.


For this important milestone, the Philippine Embassy in Copenhagen and the Danish Embassy in Manila jointly tapped the services of award-winning Jacob Jensen Design (JJD), which in turn, created a “simple, fresh, and dynamic logo” inspired by renewable energy – a key factor in the economic and social agenda of both countries.

The historic commemoration will take place under the theme: “75 Years of Friendship: Partners in Progress for Sustainable Growth.”

The two Embassies thanked the world-renowned design studio for conceptualizing the anniversary’s official logo that represents windmills with wind blades depicting the shapes of Sampaguita and Daisy, respectively.

“We designed the logo of the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Denmark and the Philippines to represent key cultural, economic, and diplomatic aspects between the two countries… A statement of friendship between our nations: Ambassadors of both countries were part of the joint creative process that defined the common theme from which this logo design was born,” the Jacob Jensen Design Studio said in a statement.

Jacob Jensen Design said they are honored to take part in the 75th anniversary and contribute by designing the logo of the event with the participation of their designers across Denmark, China, and Thailand as well as the involvement of both the Danish Embassy in Manila and the Philippines Embassy in Copenhagen.

“For this important milestone between Denmark and the Philippines, we have been extremely inspired by the passion and focus each country is putting on green transition, especially renewable energies. The path to sustainability is only natural and one that simply just makes sense, but it will require a high level of knowledge exchange and collaboration moving forward,” the highly acclaimed design firm said.

To further illustrate the logo design, it said the wind turbines stylized like the two national flowers, combine geometric and organic elements to represent the balance between human knowledge and nature, the connection between innovation and sustainability.

It added that the colors of each national flag are present, with an emphasis on the yellow, a color only present in the Philippine flag but bringing a reminiscent of the sun element and connecting to the overall theme of renewable energy sources and both countries partnering for a bright future.

Diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Denmark were officially established on September 28, 1946.