LOOK: This Philippine map tapestry is made of upcycled handwoven local textiles

Published February 4, 2021, 1:02 PM

by John Legaspi

All the 7,640 islands presented in colorful Philippine-made fabrics

Philippine map tapestry by Anthill Fabric Gallery

The Philippines has a vibrant culture that is best represented through its handloomed and natural dye heritage. That is what Anthill Fabric Gallery aims to present with its Philippine map tapestry, symbolizing its 11 years of championing sustainability and local textiles. 

“Our partner artisans put together a precious heartwoven masterpiece that represents our love for country, love for culture, love for creativity, love for community, and love for Mama Earth—all in one,” the brand posted. “This tapestry beautifully illustrates over a thousand islands made of upcycled handwoven scraps to form the Philippine map.”

Working to preserve local textile through contemporary designs, Anthill Fabric Gallery has been propagating sustainable fashion through the years with its Rewear collection and Weave Exchange program. This time, the social enterprise and its collaborators cut and stitched woven fabrics representing the major islands Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, continuing their goal of spreading the message of ethical style to their audience and beyond.

“This work of art is definitely both a statement and a story piece that can be passed on through generations,” it says. “Use it as a wall art, a unique Zoom background, or simply a heartwoven piece from our beloved Motherland.”

The collaged map costs P5,999, and takes two to three weeks to produce. Visit @anthillfabric for more information.