Be a steak ‘sensei’ in your own kitchen with these prime cuts

Published February 4, 2021, 11:09 AM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

If you love your steak, miss eating out, and feasting on that pink, marbled slab of beef, then read on and celebrate!

The carnivores of the world are getting a bad rap. Most of the food columns nowadays will wax rhapsodic about plant-based dishes—about healthier, leaner diets, and bring-up topics like sustainability. It’s getting so that if you love your medium-rare steaks and your breakfast slab of bacon, you’re now part of a silent majority. But yes, you are part of a majority, so don’t forget that.

The pandemic hasn’t been kind either to this majority. Your Sunday lunch indulgence at Mamou or Wolfgang has had to take a back seat to the GCQ and safety protocols. It’s a frustrating reality, but don’t fret, Let’s Meat Trading Corp. wants to be the answer to your cow-filled prayers.

A relative newcomer to food product distribution, Let’s Meat, as its name suggests, specializes in quality beef and meat products. It’s mission-vision is to let you be a steak “sensei” in your own kitchen, and to make your home the steakhouse of your dreams. With Valentine’s Day coming up, this might be exactly what you were looking for!

Let’s Meat and their Angus porterhouse

Among the premium meat products that Let’s Meat distributes in select and leading supermarkets are US Angus Premium Choice Beef, Australian Beef, 1953, Brazilian Grass-Fed Beef, Wagyu Cubes, and A5 Saga Japanese Wagyu. There are also specially packed meat products that are Asian-inspired like the Arabiki Japanese sausage and the chori-burger.

The US Angus Premium Choice Beef is at the top tier of Choice grade. It can boast of more marbling, and evenly distributed fat, resulting in more tenderness without losing flavor.

The US Angus T-Bone of Let’s Meat

The 1953 brand hails from Brazil, and is part of that country’s top 1 percent beef production. It comes from a range of global and traditional breeds. While Brazilian Grass-Fed Beef is all-natural, and is the more affordable brand option.

A5 Saga Japanese Wagyu is one of the finest of Japanese beefs, coming from cattle raised with the finest techniques in the rich environment of Saga Prefecture. This brand is famous for its fine-grained marbling known as tsuya-sashi (glossy marbling).

The Saikoro Steak Wagyu cubes

Let’s Meat also have wagyu cubes, packed as Saikoro Steak. This is the product that first clued me in on Let’s Meat existence. Tender beyond compare, this cut literally melts in your mouth. Normally, I like my steak with a bit more bite and resistance, but I surrendered to their Saikoro willingly.

Packaging of the Saikoro Steak.

Head to Let’s Meat’s Facebook and Instagram accounts if you want to learn more about its products and the range of its pricing. What you can be assured of is that Let’s Meat is out to be every meat-lovers home solution, providing us with cuts that are vacuum-packed and ready for the grill. With so many celebrations around the corner, Let’s Meat is saying that it is really simple to have that steak of your dreams right at home!