Delivery riders nab viral seller in another scam attempt in Pasay

Published February 2, 2021, 5:46 PM

by Dhel Nazario

The long arm of the law finally caught the online seller who went viral for various fraudulent transactions with delivery riders.

(photo from Pasay City Police)

The Pasay City Police identified the suspect as Renz Guiterrez, 19, of Barangay 28, Caloocan City.

According to Station Investigation and Detective Management Branch (SIDMB) Chief Police Major Wilfredo Sangel, two delivery riders identified as Alkabir Sonsora, 28 and Jonathan Abetria, 25 accosted the suspect after they found out that he was the viral scammer being reported by multiple riders who fell victim on social media.

In the report provided by Pasay City Police Chief Col. Cesar Paday-os, the suspect’s final and latest attempt to scam a delivery rider occurred near a PNB Bank branch along Taft Avenue Extension, Pasay City.

Sonsora met up with the suspect and as a standard operating procedure, he checked the items which were shoes that were booked for delivery by the suspect. Sangel said that the suspect would ask the delivery riders to shoulder first the payment for the items. He added that the supposed person or delivery address put by Guiterrez in the app are nonexistent. 

According to the report, Sonsora sensed something was different when the items to be picked were not corresponding to the value being declared. He was able to verify that the suspect was the viral scammer when he checked the cellphone number being used which matched with one of the numbers posted by delivery riders previously victimized.

The riders then brought Guiterrez to Substation 5 of the Pasay City Police.

The suspect will be charged with estafa and for violation of Republic Act No. 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. The police called on other victims to file cases against the suspect.