INAEC certified for best aviation practices

Published February 1, 2021, 5:00 AM

by Emmie V. Abadilla

The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) this month certified INAEC Aviation Corporation (INAEC) for best aviation practices.

OmniSafe International, an Australian auditor for global aviation, audited INAEC’s operations.

Todate, INAEC was the only Philippine commercial aviation operator to gain the certification.

The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) developed IS-BAO to ensure professionalism, safety, and excellence among business aircraft operators. 

In January 2019, the council certified INAEC for IS-BAO Stage 1 after implementing its Safety Management System (SMS).

Last year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, INAEC pushed through with its Stage 2 Certification process via remote audit.

Being IS-BAO Stage 2 Certified means an operator met recognized standards for managing safety after a thorough audit of its organization, training, flight operations, maintenance, and emergency response processes.

“The remote audit involved a month-long preparation, from document review to audit proper,” according to Glenn Perez, INAEC’s Head of Corporate Services.

“We demonstrated our systems and safety performance through a video conference platform. Personnel interviews, technical inspections, and document reviews were done online,” he explained.

“The IS-BAO assists operators to reach safety standards based on a recommended code of best practices,” Perez pointed out.

The standard is accepted worldwide as the benchmark for safety and efficiency in business aircraft operations. 

“The outcome of our audit  showed INAEC’s commitment in implementing their safety risk management systems and processes,” says Mark Lilley, Managing Director of OmniSafe International. 

Overall, “This IS-BAO audit is a welcome opportunity because we understand the high stakes involved in aviation safety,” INAEC President, Benjamin “Jay” Lopez, stressed.

“Our commitment to safety protects the lives and property of our people and passengers,” he continued.

There’s greater urgency when their clients’ continued delivery of services is so essential to the nation’s recovery. 

“This IS-BAO Stage 2 certification is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our people and proves, without doubt, that safety is indeed our passion,” Lopez concluded.