Nadine Lustre reveals she would rather adopt than have kids of her own

Published January 31, 2021, 11:15 PM

by Neil Patrick Nepomuceno

“Wildest Dreams” singer Nadine Lustre shared a glimpse of her future plans and apparently, it doesn’t involve children.

Nadine made the revelation on Dr. Aivee Teo’s recent vlog, after she was asked to give her preferred number of children in the future.

“Before, every time people would ask me that, I would say 2. But now, I’d say wala. I don’t want to have kids right now. That’s where my head’s at.” 

“I do believe that there are a lot of kids who don’t have parents and who need to be taken care of. So I feel like if I do want to have a kid, I might just adopt, If I get pregnant, I’ll go with it. But right now, that’s where my head’s at. I would rather adopt.” she ended.

Watch the full video: