FASHION PULIS: Liaison Revealed

Published January 31, 2021, 3:53 PM

by Mike Lim

While on vacation, guests of a resort complained about the noise of the occupants of the next villa. The guests went to the concierge to raise their worry as they had children with them. The occupants were too loud with their oohs and aahs, which were inappropriate for the children to hear. The guests assumed the occupants were foreigners.

The next morning, the guests saw Familiar Face 1 (FF1) coming out of the villa. FF1 is a popular celebrity, who has many followers. FF1 was followed by Familiar Face 2 (FF2). The guests then asked the concierge if FF1 and FF2 were the noisy occupants. However, the concierge followed protocol on confidentiality and assured the guests their concern would be addressed.

As soon as FF1 and FF2 heard about the complaint, they swapped villas with their friends so as not to be singled out and be the subject of gossip. The mysterious couple wanted to keep their liaison private. FF2 loves FF1’s well-endowed body, but she’d rather keep their relationship a secret. Meanwhile, A Friend (AF) who was with their entourage personally apologized to the guests and said he had informed his friends about the noise.

FF1 and FF2 thought they had their privacy in check and the resort actually did its part in not revealing their names. However, what they did not know was that AF allegedly shared the story with his private socmed group.

‘The value of secrets is ever fluctuating although ladies who have been in society for a long time learn that a secret kept can be worth more than a secret told.’ ― Anna Godbersen

Confrontation or Silence

Seasoned Actress (SA) has a dilemma between confronting Alluring Woman (AW) about a story and keeping her silence. Sometime ago, SA received a call from a Reliable Pal (RP) and their conversation has since placed SA in an uncomfortable position.

RP revealed that she and Close Relation (CR) fought over AW. CR has allegedly availed of AW’s services and RP found out. Things have never been the same since RP confronted CR. RP even added a rumor that a Powerful Personality (PP) has AW as ward. No one wants to cross PP. Hence, RP warned SA just the same.

Given the story she was told, SA felt awkward. She knows AW and her Present Lover (PL). SA sees the happiness PL feels when he’s with AW. SA has been supportive of PL, in his triumphs and failures. Moreover, SA acknowledges the presence of AW and the wonder she brings to PL’s life. Hence, SA fears PL might react negatively if she attempts to hint at what RP told her. Neither would she want to find out in case PL might have to make significant life decisions involving her and AW.

‘To believe or not to believe, is a problem. To leave or to conceive is another problem. To ascertain and to achieve is to solve the problem.’ ― A. Saleh

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