Mikee Agustin, Yexel Sebastian introduce Baby Zyph to fans

Published January 29, 2021, 12:44 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Ex-“Pinoy Big Brother” housemate and former GirlTrends member Mikee Agustin and longtime partner dancer Yexel Sebastian recently shared a vlog documenting their journey to parenthood.

And in there, the first-time parents finally introduced their son to the public.

According to Mikee, giving birth to her baby Zyph was a huge challenge.

“Mahirap pero lahat worth it! Salute sa lahat ng mommy na kagaya ko,” said she.

Meanwhile, Yexel had mixed emotions as he welcomed his firstborn just after his step-grandfather has passed away.

“Every child is a blessing,” he noted.

He promised to be a supportive father.

“Kahit anong gusto niya sa buhay susuportahan kita. Kahit anong gusto niya, siya ang bahala. Kung gusto niyang maging doktor, maging artista, maging singer, maging rocker, kung gusto nyang maging LGBT, susuportahan kita anak dahil ‘yan ka! Andito lang ako para patibayin ka at turuan ka ng mga tama, pero at the end of the day, ikaw pa rin mag drive ng sarili mong buhay. Kaya naka suporta lang ang iyong Papa sayo, tsaka ang iyong Mommy,” he said.

WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/pbzSEpZc5VY