Why singer Halsey has rainbows in her pregnancy announcement

Published January 28, 2021, 9:53 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

After going through a miscarriage in 2015 while performing at a concert, one can only fathom how traumatic it is again to get pregnant. But singer Halsey has gathered the courage and faced her fears, and now, she’s pregnant!

In her post, she can be seen wearing a rainbow bikini top, including a rainbow emoji in her caption. Not saying it outright, but this baby is a “rainbow baby” for the couple, Halsey and Aydin.

What does it mean to have a rainbow baby? According to Jennifer Kulp-Makarov, M.D., FACOG and Parents.com, “It is called a rainbow baby because it is like a rainbow after a storm: something beautiful after something scary and dark.” She adds, “It is an extremely emotional and devastating experience to lose a pregnancy [or baby]. To create a life or bring a baby into the world after such a loss is amazing like a miracle for these parents.”