Corruption in Congress to worsen if economic Cha-cha pushes through — Monsod

Published January 28, 2021, 9:47 AM

by Mario Casayuran

Former Constitutional Commission member Christian Monsod has warned that corruption among lawmakers would probably increase should the ‘’restrictive’’ economic provisions of the 1987 Constitution are amended.

Former Constitutional Commission member Christian Monsod during the Senate constitutional amendments committee public hearing on Wednesday.
(Senate of the Philippines / YouTube / MANILA BULLETIN)

During a public hearing yesterday by the Senate constitutional amendments committee, Monsod said a phrase in the Resolution of both Houses Number 2 (RBH2) of Congress, if adopted, would become an opening for corruption bigger than pork barrel.

The phrase is ‘’otherwise provided by law.’’

“This is devious and dangerous,’’ Monsod said.

Monsod said this means that Congress will have the power to replace or reduce constitutional limitations on foreign ownership of land, natural resources, public utility, media, advertising, and educational institutions.

Under this situation, foreigners in land development and mining should go to lawmakers to give them bigger access to their businesses in the country.

RBH2 was sponsored by administration Francis Tolentino and Ronald dela Rosa.

Monsod said the real motive for RBH2, just like previous attempts, ‘’is power and money and is supported by the business community.’’

“The motive is not the country either. That’s the rhetoric. The real motive is profits,’’ he said.

Once the phrase is inserted, constitutional provisions become meaningless, he said.

“And the door is opened wider to corruption or transactional legislation which corrupt politicians and greedy elite businessmen are very adept at doing,’’ he added.