WATCH: Paolo Contis, Cindy Kurleto talk about pros and cons of social media

Published January 27, 2021, 4:22 PM

by Neil Patrick Nepomuceno

Paolo Contis and Cindy Kurleto

The seemingly non-stop debate about the contradicting effects and benefits of social media was the subject of actors Paolo Contis and Cindy Kurleto on the latest edition of “Just In.”

It all started when Cindy talked about her initial thoughts about using social media on its early days.

Cindy stated that back then, trolls and bashers were not even a ‘thing’ and although some people are still out to annoy celebrities, it didn’t bother her but they also have limited platforms to speak out their side of the story or the truth.

“I think we were more protected from the trolls online. But at the same time we didn’t have a chance to voice our own side of the story.

“Pag may gossip, ‘pag may write up na mali and it’s really bad, you couldn’t go to social media and be like: ‘well actually, I didn’t say that.’ you can’t do that back in the day there was no platform for that.

Cindy clarified that she is not promoting the act of “ranting in social media, as she believes that its “bad manners” to do so, what she does believe is that now, everyone can do that because of social media.

On the other hand, Paolo said that he felt more like a celebrity before, saying: “Before, we felt like not naman on a pedestal but we felt more like celebrities.”

Paolo went on to tell Cindy and the viewers that social media became celebrities’ way to share their stories and connect to their fans.

He also noted that because of this, it also has a downside: because of the pandemic we have to show everyone what we’re doing, it became more personal.

“Again there are pros and cons. We feel we’re closer to the people but sometimes other people take advantage of it,” Paolo said.

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