Coffee, tea, and baybayin? All that in this friendly neighborhood café

Published January 27, 2021, 12:03 PM

by John Legaspi

Get some of that baryo style brews

It seems like the humble sari-sari store is going out of style as some Filipinos are converting their free home spaces, even creating a hole in the wall establishment, to build the café of their dreams. Adding to the list is this neat coffee shop in Laguna that promises not just sweet treats and specially brewed drinks, but also a dose of culture. 

Established last August, Barrio Café is the newest chill spot in Bay, Laguna, and is founded by four coffee and milk tea loving people, who felt the need of having a café along their neighborhood.

Barrio Café façade

“Since the start of the pandemic, we felt so deprived to get a good cup of coffee and milk tea, not only because shops closed temporarily, but mainly because we are located in a place that’s a bit far,” the brand tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “That’s when the idea came out. We wanted to give people like us that felt the same struggle of traveling an hour just to visit their favorite cafés. We created a shop near us that offers the same.”

Located just 15 mins. away from the main road of Bay, the coffee shop was erected in front of the founders’ residence, and is very accessible for townspeople and travelers to drop by. What makes the café a stand out is its usage of baybayin, that is integrated in the design.

The coffee shop’s iced caramel macchiato

“Aside from the fact that we find sinaunang baybayin really beautiful to learn, we believe using baybayin reflects and helps us embrace the baryo style concept that we wanted,” the owners say. “We always refer to our place as baryo being in an upland area, so we named it Barrio Café with a baybayin translation to give it more of that local vibe.”

Caramel, strawberry, and blueberry cheesecakes

If ever you have a chance to drop by their store, make sure to have a taste of their Barrio signature blend, caramel macchiato, and Oreo overload milk tea. Another must try is the Yin Yang, which is a combination of milk tea and iced coffee. Perfect with the drinks or as pasalubong are their mini cheesecakes that are available in blueberry, caramel, strawberry, and Basque burnt.

Barrio Café is located at 4033 FT San Luis, Masaya Bay, Laguna. 

Images are from @baryocafe.