Waiting on Yen Santos

Published January 25, 2021, 5:31 PM

by Neil Ramos

Where is Yen Santos? This is the questions asked by many of her fans who, obviously, have been missing the 28-year-old hottie. Badly.

The last time Yen was seen on the boob tube was two years ago via “Halik.”

She showed great promise there, with a distinguished showbiz observer noting her apparent “malleability.”

He said, “Yen could look innocent, demure but she could also easily pull-off classy, seductive, lustful…reminds me of a young Alma Moreno.”

Ah, but he’s no film producer. And he’s not Yen’s manager either.

It is as such that Yen’s follow-up project to “Halik” was the forgettable “Two Love You.”

Suffice it to say, she broke momentum.

So again, where is Yen Santos?

Well, like most celebrities in between jobs, she is now making the most of social media.

Her Instagram page is a huge hit, with many visitors flocking the site eager to see Yen in whatever form.

She doesn’t disappoint.

Meanwhile, many others eagerly await for when she returns to fulfill her promise to take on edgier, more-mature roles.

Recall Yen even suggested a possible movie she could do: An all-out lesbian-themed affair ala “Blue Is The Warmest Color” opposite her crush, hot momma Anne Curtis.

The fact that this hasn’t been bankrolled yet is a mystery.

To think “Pakboys: Takusa” actually made it to the last MMFF line up.

Oh, well.